What is that ?

Our project aims to build a subgraph of the web, consisting of the French websites mentioning open-data. This graph enables viewers to see popular websites and connections between them, to see which kind of entities communicate with the others (Companies, Non profits/Blogs, Government agencies). It is a good way to discover the actors of the French open-data, and how they relate to one another.

The nodes are manually grouped by categories: type (Companies, Non profits/Blog, Government agencies) and roles (Open-Data Speaker, Open-Data Dealer), which led to two different graphs, accessibles via the menu.

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Graph analysis is available on our website, in the blog post describing this project (post in french).


We used Common Crawl as a resource to gather the websites we needed to build our graph.

We used Gephi to visualize and spatialize our graph.

We used sigma.js to embed our graph on this website.